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NOBLE Knowledge

NOBLE Knowledge is the acquisition phase. Students and adults of all ages enter a community of like-minded people starting their own businesses.

Exciting, monthly, informational mini-conferences from a variety of topics to help launch your business and grow your leadership character.

Online forums to share takeaways from conferencing and share visionary strategies and overcome obstacles.

Receive 1 on 1 mentoring upon request.

Answers the question, “How do I work through obstacles to overcome the start-up failure rate?

NOBLE Growth

NOBLE Growth is the next phase of developing your business, by adding clientele, employees, and systems to support growth.

Includes the same exciting, monthly, informational mini conferencing from a variety of topics to help grow your business and leadership character.

Online forums and 1 on 1 mentoring are available upon request.

Learn how to be a mentor and find mentees by giving back to NOBLE knowledge.

Answers the question, “How do I navigate the work of sustaining growth while gaining vision for the future?”

NOBLE Leadership

NOBLE Leadership is for established businesses of 5 or more employees.

Gain exposure for their business and growth by occasionally leading the mini-conferences from their acquired skills and experience.

Join topical online forums with other business leaders. Receive 1 on 1 mentoring upon request.

Empower your leadership by mentoring and giving back to NOBLE Growth.

Answers the question, “How do I build systems to reach my vision for God-given dream of success?”

NOBLE Abundance

NOBLE Abundance equips business leaders and entrepreneurs to grow their business beyond themselves.

Grow leaders within your organization who grow other leaders.

Visionary forums to develop ways your business can impact your community and the world.

Acquisition experience into visionary leadership for your business and by giving back to NOBLE Leadership.

Answers the question, “How do I replace myself?” “How do I utilize my business for Kingdom impact?”

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